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First step towards a healed future.

Naturopathic Care with Dr. Marizelle


Meet Dr. Mari

Naturopathic Terrain Doctor, Certified Kinesiologist & Nutrition Expert

Welcome to the first step in the ultimate natural care. 

I firmly believe in the power of nature and the natural laws of the body.  Together we can achieve success in helping you attain optimal health. 

I offer a unique approach to creating a complete and personalized path to wellness.

My background of Anthropology, Kinesiology and Microbiology, affords me a very creative and thorough understanding of many disease manifestations.  Are you ready to heal?


What I Specialize In

Reset Your System

Connect to Your Nourishment

Health Education

Balance Your Terrain

Personalized Health Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Acceptance. Begin Your Journey Here.

I began seeing Dr. Arce almost 7 years ago following a devastating double diagnosis of Graves Disease and PCOS. I had been to countless doctors and was scheduled for surgery to remove my thyroid when I decided to give naturopathy a shot. I remember my first visit, sitting in a big comfortable chair and answering tons of questions. For the first time, someone was listening to my concerns instead of poking me with a needle. She started me on a tincture and a few suppliments and sent me on my way. Over the next few months I started to feel like I was finally in control of my health instead of waiting nervously for another blood test result.Dr. Arce has helped me through so much more than any care provider has. She’s seen me through debilitating anxiety, severe sciatica, migranes, a ton of menstruation issues, pregnancy and now breastfeeding and hormonal changes. Not only has she been attentive and thorough during office visits, but she has also answered emails on a weekend at all hours of the night. I’ve said it countless times, and I’ll say it again. Dr. Arce saved my life and I couldn’t be more thankful.

- Lori K.


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