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First step towards a healed future.

Naturopathic Care


Dr. Marizelle

Meet Dr. Mari

Naturopathic Terrain Doctor, Certified Kinesiologist & Nutrition Expert

Welcome to the first step in the ultimate natural care. 

I firmly believe in the power of nature and the natural laws of the body.  Together we can achieve success in helping you attain optimal health. 

I offer a unique approach to creating a complete and personalized path to wellness.

My background of Anthropology, Kinesiology and Microbiology, affords me a very creative and thorough understanding of many disease manifestations.  Are you ready to heal?

Dr. Marizelle Arce Naturopathic Doctor

What I Specialize In

Reset Your System

Connect to Your Nourishment

Health Education

Balance Your Terrain

Personalized Health Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Acceptance. Begin Your Journey Here.

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Learn more about Dr. Mari, read her blog, instagram and more:

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