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About Healthy Living

To maintain health, one is also required to be an active participant in their community.  Below are trusted practitioners that can help you in other aspects of your wellbeing.

Louis Belchou

Retired Apple certified technician of over 20 years, found his calling through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, to which he is a certified. Created by Dolores Cannon, this technique allows for Louis to help guide a person into the inner depths of their spirits and unlock the true potential of their own self healing. 

Louis manages the office and helps out anyway he can.

You need something, he can get it for you.

Louis is also an EMF specialist, analyzing the radiation that is in your immediate environment with special devices and tools.

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Michelle Joette

Michelle is a certified organic hair expert. She specializes in custom cutting and using the highest quality organic ingredients. She believes one should not have to jeopardize their health to look and feel beautiful. Beauty comes from within and being non toxic and natural is the start. Michelle focused on cultivating her craft to give everyone a tailored precision haircut that fits their style.

 She also utilizes infrared technology to strengthen weak hair and do a thorough scalp analysis to determine the health of the hair and the reason for issues. "Hair should be attuned to each individuals mind, body and Soul".

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Melanie Ryan

Melanie Ryan is an ancient wisdom teacher and psychotherapist who teaches healing and transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul.

To learn more about her unique approach and her books, visit her website.

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Joanna Lazaridis, NLPM, NCC, CLC

Joanna began her career as an architectural designer, but her interest in holistic healing began well before graduating college. Experiencing many health concerns due to stress, she focused on taking care of her mind and body.  The gratitude she has felt through learning about holistic healing led her down the path of wanting helping others transform their lives as well.

Through healing herself, Joanna decided to studied Quantum Healing Hypnosis regressions. 

Joanna is a Certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner.  She is also certified in NLP Hypnosis, coaching as well as design for well-being.

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Andy Steigmeier, LMT, CSCS

Andy is a pain specialist integrating positional therapy and therapeutic exercise. He is a licensed massage therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, and golf fitness professional who specializes in remedies for acute and chronic pain. His mission is to help individuals live pain free without surgery or medication.

Connect with him via LinkedIn or call for a referral

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