Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dolores Cannon’s method of hypnosis, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), involves inducing an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization. A state which under ordinary circumstances is experienced only twice daily: the moment just before you become consciously awake and the moment just before you fall asleep.

Past Life Regression is the first component of Dolores’ QHHT® technique and involves the individual being regressed and guided through an appropriate past life from the first scene they first view, throughout the various periods of the life and eventually through to the death scene.

The Subconscious will select what past life to show the individual and they will be guided through it by the QHHT® practitioner conducting the session. The past life the Subconscious chooses to show an individual is always relevant to the current life the individual is living now and it is not uncommon for multiple Past Lives to be shown during a single session. The QHHT® practitioner will navigate an individual through a Past Life using a series of questions to help determine the time period and social setting of the life.

The Subconscious knows everything there is to know about an individual and the life they are living now, so one of the first actions taken by the QHHT® Practitioner is to ask the Subconscious the questions an individual has about their own life. Obtaining this information on behalf of the individual is crucial to the healing aspect of the technique as it provides them with comfort, support and greater understanding in many different areas of their life. The Subconscious will only choose to share information that is appropriate at the time and information that will only be of benefit to the individual.

The explanation the Subconscious gives for why we experience disease will most certainly challenge the belief systems of many people in our current medical and scientific paradigms. As we move through this time of great change and transition, many people are indeed stretching their belief systems to incorporate new ideas and concepts by seeking out alternative information that mainstream science has either dispelled or ignored. Many long held paradigms of accepted thought are beginning to crumble and are slowly being replaced by concepts and ideas that can no longer be suppressed as a result of the Internet and instantaneous communication all over the world. In order to understand the Subconscious and this component of Dolores’ QHHT® technique, you will have to stretch your belief system to enable you to understand the following concepts in the context they are given.

How to Prepare for an Amazing QHHT Session

This is super duper important!

Preparing your questions for your session is exciting and the first step towards an awesome session.

Find a comfortable place at a time of day where you can just relax and let your mind open into a place of fun and curiosity.  You will brainstorm the best possible questions to ask your super-conscious mind, anything, ANYTHING! you want.

You can ask questions about your journey in life, and your purpose.  Now is the time to find out what you are truly meant to do with your time here on Earth. Here you can dive deeply into the most important questions that you have about how your should best spend your time, where you should be and who you should share your life with for greatest joy, growth, and fulfillment.

Maybe you are curious about about a romantic relationship? Wondering if you had a past life with someone very, very close to you? Ask all the questions you feel are to help you better understand all your relationships important to you and learn why the are happening.

Feel free to explore many, many important areas to your overall health. This could include suggestions for chronic, ailments optimal foods to eat, water needed for maximum benefit, and/or instructions on exercise and sleep needs. It’s time to give your body exactly what it needs by going directly to your ultimate source of wisdom…your higher self.

Curious about even more fantastical things? where you can really let your curiosity run wild!  What do your dreams mean? Are aliens visiting you? Who lives on the moon? Are your dead pets around? What is the meaning of a symbol? Why do you like the color red? Why are there chemtrails? Is there a hidden conspiracy to control humans? Open your mind to your greatest curiosities for your Quantum Healing session.

What to Eat and Drink

  • The night before your session you will want to avoid alcohol completely.  In fact, it is best to abstain from alcohol completely for a few days before.  You’ll want to be raising your awareness not dampening it through the depressant.

  • The day of your session, cut back on the amount of coffee that your drink in the morning and only drink your coffee first thing in the morning.  Too much caffeine may make your jittery and lesson your ability to deeply relax into the theta brainwave state during your QHHT session.

  • Eat as healthy as your possibly can the night before and the day of your session.  Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Your session will last several hours, so the don’t skip breakfast / lunch…eat good sized portions of healthy food.

  • Drink lots of water the night before and the morning before, but start to only sip water an hour before your session.  The goal is to minimize the need for any bathroom breaks while your are in Theta, so hydrate well in the evening and early morning.

**PLEASE NOTE:Your session is a private session. Even though spouses/partners/friends want to be with you to witness this amazing event it is a place where you need to feel completely safe that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. Because of this, no one else is allowed in your session. You may share your recording or any memories or thoughts at your discretion.