Exclusive Services

Please look over the list of services that are provided.  Some of the services can be combined into a single visit.

Please inquire of the retainer and concierge services.

Today’s patients seek on-demand care access and price transparency. Retainer-based models cater to this consumer constituency by providing earliest appointments possible, longer appointment times if possible, and consistent monthly rates comparable to gym memberships.

For patients, the much-touted benefit of concierge medicine is that the doctor has more time and can provide them greater access. Concierge doctors “have 80% to 90% fewer patients, so they can do other things that other physicians simply can’t.......

..Prevention is concierge medicine’s most important benefit, according to Randy Baggesen, a concierge physician in Richmond, Va., who says he often catches disease in early stages....

Naturopathic Consultation

Let's get back to basics!

Whether you are in the market to have new practitioner or you want to prepare your body for pregnancy, or you have a degenerative disease that no doctor seems to have a positive outlook towards, let's get to the bottom of it.  In the initial visit, we will exam every single issue you have and create a customized plan.

The in-person initial contains an Acoustic cardigraph exam.

There are couple and family packages available.


Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system that evaluates structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health using specialized muscle testing.  Applications of corrections may involve specific joint movement or mobilization, various myofascial techniques, cranial techniques, meridian or acupressure applications.

What is great about this system is it is "real-time". We will see allegenic reactions, hidden toxins or inflammation.


Naturopathic Animal Wellness Consultation

Most veterinarians have little to no nutrition education for animals.  With many years experience, Dr. Arce has put together plenty of information and can educate you on how to keep your pet healthy, happy and free from dis-ease and unnecessary procedures.  She works all the furry friends along with farm animals and fowl.



Regulation Thermography, also known as European Thermography,  is a whole-body medical procedure that is designed for men, women, and children over 6 years old, that is gentle, painless, non-toxic, and non-invasive. Regulation Thermography uses an infrared sensor to measure skin temperatures at over 100 points on the body, gathering information about the functioning health and integrity of various tissues and organs.

Grounded in the science of Regulation Thermography, this system provides a visible measurement of the Autonomic Nervous System, often the key to knowledge regarding the mechanisms involved in the development of disease.

It offers a comprehensive assessment of the neurologically controlled terrains that often create or sustain disease environments.  It identifies multiple areas of physiological dysregulation and generates recommendations that can be used to guide treatment priorities to address the causative factors of many diseases.


Acoustic Cardiograph/Heart sound monitor

What is an Acoustic Cardiograph?

In 1937 the Endocardiograph was developed by Dr. Royal Lee, founder of Standard Process Nutritional Products.  The Endocardiograph records the sounds of the heart as the blood moves through the various chambers, valves, and vessels.  The “graph signature” refelcts the opening and closing of the valves, contraction and strength of the heart muscle, and the efficiency of the movement of blood.

Dr. Lee used the machine to develop many of his products.  These extremely accurate ” signature graphs” of the Endocardiograph provided him with information showing:


    - Whether your heart function is optimal or less optimal
  - If your body’s showing signs of nutritional deficiencies that are causing stress on your    heart
  - If your body’s chemistry is balanced
  - What specific nutritional support your body may require
  - If you are already on nutritional support, if it is working and/or needs to be modified


In contrast, the electrocardiograph (EKG) records only the surface electrical impulses as it moves through the nerves of the heart tissue.  The EKG primarily indicates if the heart tissue (or nervous tissue network) has undergone any trauma or permanent damage on an electrical basis.  It will not discriminate valvular function, muscle efficiency, etc.  The EKG’s sole purpose is to diagnose disease.  In contrast, the Endocardiograph and ACG looks at the heart function as a window to health and longevity.


Live cell Analysis (Club)

A glimpse inside the human body that shows the effect of our: daily lifestyle, diet, and toxic involvement with the world we live in. With one drop of blood we can view many aspects of our health from digestion and absorption of our nutrients, the effect the air we breath has on us, and what the metal amalgams in our teeth are leaving behind.

*This is for membership and research only. 

Please inquire if you are interested.

Let's Work Together

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