Food Sources of Calcium and Magnesium & a great dish that is full of both

Many of us, actively make sure we are always getting the right nutrients. We are always bombarded with magazine ads asking us if we are getting the "right" amount or health food store attendants helping us search for yet another vitamin. Nature, is the greatest source of our nutrition and yet surprisingly, many reach for a pill (synthetic of course) to fulfill their body's needs. Below is a great list of foods for both Calcium and Magnesium. These minerals help with hundreds of different tasks and processes in the body. When looking at this list, make sure foods that are vegetable are cooked since there are binders called Oxalates. They prevent the absorption of these minerals in the human body when consumed raw. To increase the absorption of the minerals, a fatty acid medium is needed in the digestive tract. The fatty acids I refer to are: butter, lard, chicken fat, beef tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, Palm oil (sustainable), and ghee.

Fresh Sardine Tacos with sauteed spinach

Serve these little taco salads with salsa & sour cream


sliced avocado,

shredded cheddar cheese

black olives

Sardines (from water or Olive oil)

Put all or some ingredients in tortillas

serve with a side of:

Sauteed spinach (in coconut oil) seasoned with a touch of sea salt and sprinkle with Sesame seeds


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